Gender Equality Work


  • Founded South Asian Women Network And Allies (SAWNAA) and gave over 50 awards in recognition of the work by South Asian Australian women. More information here
  • Became Miss Diamond Australia Ambassador for 2022-2023.
  • Joined the Steering Committee to increase awareness of Conversion Practices and ideology in Australia. A 3-year research project by the Victorian Government and an Australian Research Council (ARC) led by Dr. Tim Jones and Dr Jennifer Power (La Trobe University) and Dr. Tiffany Jones (Macquarie University) in partnership with Australian GLBTIQ Multicultural Commission (AGMC) and Brave Network.


  • Crowned Miss Diamond Australia 2021-2022, supporting Blue Knot Foundation as the selected charity to empower adult survivors of complex trauma, including women.
  • Crowned Miss South Asia Australia Miss Community Winner 2020, entering a new journey of empowering South Asian women.


1: Signed the SOGICE (Sexual Orientation & Gender Identity Conversion Efforts) Survivor Statement to stop the abuse, violence and forced marriages of Muslim gender diverse persons in Australia. Support SOGICE here.

2: In collaboration with Youth Advocacy Council (YAC) Pakistan, launched Pakistan’s first Trans-Help application to support third gender persons. More information about the application here. The project included creating video content via C61 Media to launch and market Trans-Help app and spread awareness regarding HIV/AIDS prevalence in the Khwajasara community in Pakistan.

2018-2020: (Wellsprings for Women

1: Program coordinator of MYWATS– Multicultural Young Women Access To Sports at Wellsprings for Women. However COVID-19 made it challenging to conduct the program.

2: Program coordinator for Girls Guides Australia. 

3: Delivered training to multicultural women for Presentation & Public speaking skills. 

4: Program coordinator Make A Difference for 2 terms.

5: As a worker at Wellsprings for Women, in collaboration with AGMC (Australian GLBT+ Multicultural Commission) organised the first Welcome Event for LGBT+ persons hosted by other multicultural women in the City of Dandenong.

"We acknowledge the traditional custodians of the land and waters, our Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander friends. We also acknowledge the 160 years of contribution of Baloch, Saraiki, Sindhi, Pakhtun & Punjabi cameleers & farmers in the making of Australia. We acknowledge & celebrate the spirit of ANZAC & 10th Baluch Regiment. Pakistan Zindabad."