Applications Currently Closed

Become a GWAAP Interfaith Ambassador to Australia

Seeking participants from Pakistan who are from different religions, sects and spiritual practices. Following categories are open:

1: Baha’i

2: Buddhist

3: Christian (Female)

4: Dalit

5: Jain

6: Judaism

7: Hindu (Female)

8: Sikh

9: Zoroastrian/Parsi

10: Others: Unrecognised Faith Minorities, Indigenous or tribal religions.

  • Age between 21- 35. Any gender.
  • Know the local language of your community or tribe.
  • Must be living in Pakistan or Australia, or be a Pakistani citizen.
  • Have conversational English language skills.
  • Provide evidence of community leadership.
  • Application fee: PAK Rs. 2000 per person.
Program Objectives:
  • 2-day Training Workshop via zoom focusing on A: Introduction to Australia B: Understanding Interfaith Australia.
  • Research and share history of Pakistan’s sacred religious sites with fellow ambassadors.
  • Opportunity to present an interfaith Pakistan and speak about your religious experience in Pakistan to an Australian audience via zoom.
  • Participate in Australian leadership forums online.
  • Share your digital-story with C61 Media.
  • Receive AUD $40 for your participation annually.

"We acknowledge the traditional custodians of the land and waters, our Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander friends. We also acknowledge the 160 years of contribution of Baloch, Saraiki, Sindhi, Pakhtun & Punjabi cameleers & farmers in the making of Australia. We acknowledge & celebrate the spirit of ANZAC & 10th Baluch Regiment. Pakistan Zindabad."